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Loretta Lynn's 2 National Highlights

Loretta Lynn's 2 National Highlights

Motocross Championships aren’t lost because your bike blew up (in both motos), nor are they won because you won two weeks in a row in horrid conditions. They are won swallowing disappointment and snapping back to the job at hand and, conversely by not letting early success  delude you into thinking that it will continue when the sun shines.

But for now, Eli Tomac is on the down and outs. His KX450 broke in both motos. Zach Osborne is on the up and up as his FC450 pulled him through the Tennessee swamp to two AMA National wins in two weeks. On the other hand, 250 National rider Dylan Ferrandis can be as cocky as he wants because, he proved that he can be down and out and snap back on the same day.

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