At Escape Supply Company, our journey is one of resilience, passion, and a desire to make a meaningful impact. We're more than just a company – we're a manifestation of determination, transformation, and a commitment to giving back.

About Corbin

Growing up in the shadows of special education, I navigated a world where normalcy seemed elusive. I encountered challenges, from facing bullies to battling through health setbacks that were initially misunderstood. Diagnosed with Lyme disease, I embarked on a journey of healing and discovery. As my body fought for remission, something remarkable happened – my foggy mind cleared, and I became a different person, armed with a newfound vocabulary and knowledge.

In remission, I connected with the Global Lyme Alliance (GLA). A single post on social media led to an unexpected surge in followers, catching the attention of GLA's board. Together, we hatched a plan to raise awareness and support for Lyme disease. Meanwhile, as my mother faced her own health struggles, I channeled my energy into a storage unit, breaking down my first bike at the age of 19.

With determination and a desire to give back, Escape Supply Company was born. I launched our first bike build on social media, drawing an overwhelming response and setting the stage for an incredible journey. As we embarked on the path of bike customization, we realized the potential to turn our passion into a force for good.

The question arose: how could we generate funds for non-profits while providing enthusiasts with the bikes they desired? The answer was clear – giveaways. By organizing giveaways, we not only fulfilled dreams but also channeled a percentage of profits into organizations dedicated to fighting Lyme disease. From Mind4Lyme to Global Lyme Alliance, The Front Lyme, and more, our goal is to support our community's well-being and inspire others to do the same.

At Escape Supply Company, we believe in challenging norms, embracing transformation, and uniting a community with a shared purpose. Our story is a testament to the power of determination, turning adversity into inspiration, and using our passion for bike customization to drive positive change.

Join us in our journey to explore, create, and inspire – and empower others to do the same, one ride at a time.