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Raceway Can Koozie 16oz

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"Rev up your refreshment game with our 16oz Raceway Can Koozie – the ultimate companion for your larger cans. Expertly crafted with premium-quality foam, these can coolers have become a go-to choice for various activities, whether you're at the raceway, enjoying a picnic, or simply kicking back by the pool. Their durable yet lightweight design guarantees you're always geared up for excitement. Often called beer sleeves or coolies, these unique can insulators are custom-made for most 16oz beer cans or classic soda cans. The built-in zipper design on the back of the sleeve is a smart solution for attaching a bottle opener, ensuring you're ready to pop the top wherever you go. Elevate your beverage experience with the 16oz Raceway Can Koozie – get yours today and make every moment a winning lap."