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Polaris RZR Belt Removal/Clutch UTV Compression Tool

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This tool makes belt removal and replacement a breeze.  Machined from billet aluminum for strength and durability, this tool has a specially shaped end that cams over when fully engaged in the driven clutch.  This allows the tool to remain engaged in the clutch (compressing the clutch) while the old belt is removed, and the new belt is replaced.  Also, this tool has a wide footprint and because it is made of aluminum it doesn't tend to mar the clutch in the contact area like other tools used for this purpose. Note: The belt removal feature will not work with Rapid Reaction secondary clutches. On the opposite end, this tool has a wedge shape that allows its use to compress the drive clutch (with belt removed).  It is intended to be used in conjunction with our sheave clamp tool (part#20-161).  Simply compress the drive clutch, slide the sheave clamp tool across the sheaves, and release the spring pressure onto the sheave clamp tool.  Now you can easily change or service the drive clutch weights or inspect the roller condition without having to remove the clutch from the machine, or spring from the clutch. The belt removal tool will only work on 800 50" RZR models that were manufactured on 9/30/08 or before, 2013 800 50" LE models came with EBS or models that have upgraded to the TEAM Tied secondary clutch.