Engine Cool-Aide 16 oz Concentrate

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Maxima spent 2 years developing the formula for Cool-Aide.  It has been designed to reduce engine temperatures and provide significantly better contact on heated surfaces allowing for greater and more efficient heat transfer.


  • Designed to work through multiple heat cycles without breaking down.
  • The molecular chain is longer than competing products, so will last up to 10x longer.
  • Pink/Red Color makes it easy to spot leaks.
  • Safe with all gaskets.
  • Blends with water and antifreeze.

Suggestions for Use:

  • Use 1 oz Cool-Aide per quart of water.  (One bottle will treat a 3-4 gallon system).
  • Use with De-ionized or Distilled Water.  Plain water is not recommended for use in any racing radiator.
  • When the system needs to be topped off, either dilute concentrate in a gallon of de-ionized/distilled water, or use Cool-Aide Ready to Use (available in a separate listing).