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ODI Emig V2 Lock On Grips

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ODI Emig V2 Lock On Grips

After being introduced to the ODI V2 Lock-On Grip system Jeff Emig immediately saw the benefits of the technology. In addition to the ease of installation, Jeff found that there were larger benefits such as a smooth, new throttle tube with every pair. He put his own custom design to the V2 system to develop "The best grip for racer's on the planet"

The ODI Lock-On Grip System allows you to change or replace your grips in seconds without the need for any wire ties or glue. Utilizing an OE spec throttle tube with a Snap On Cam System, the grip comes molded directly to the plastic tube, allowing you to replace your grip along with the entire throttle tube. On the clutch side, the grip is also molded to a plastic tube that features a lock jaw clamp to secure the grip to the bars. Slide the tube into position and tighten the pre-installed clamp and you are ready to ride in seconds.


  • Medium diameter knurled pattern EMIG Design includes special half-waffle pattern with thumb relief
  • 100% Slip-free performance guaranteed
  • Simple installation and removal without waiting for glue to dry
  • Knockout ends easily accommodate handguards
  • No safety wire required means longer grip life, even in the event of a crash
  • Fits 7/8" bars or over-sized bars that taper to 7/8" at control ends
  • Throttle tube included with snap on cam to match most modern motocross bikes (both 4 and 2 stroke)
  • Made in the USA

Made in the USA